Caffee Trieste Menu With Prices [2022]

Caffee Trieste Menu With Prices [2022]

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Caffe Trieste Menu With Prices

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Caffe Latte $2.75
Caramel Caffe Latte $3.1
Cappuccino $2.75
Masala Chai $2.75
Caffe Mocha $3.1
Depth Charge $2.25
Macchiato $1.65
Africano $2.25
Espresso $1.95
Espresso Con Panna $1.95
 Hot Drinks/brewed Coffee
Trieste House Coffee $1.6
Caffe Bianco $2.1
Hot Chocolate $2.3
Add Soy Milk $0.5
Add Torani Flavor $0.5
Add Espresso Shot $0.65
Black Green Tea $1.8
Herbal Tea $1.8
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 Cold Drinks Coffee
Iced Tea $1.75
Iced Coffe $1.75
Iced Caffee Latte $3.25
Iced Caffee Mocha $3.1
Orange Juice $2.95


Coffee Frappe $3.25
Mocha Frappe $3.5
Caramel Frappe $3.5
Java Chicollattab Frappe $3.5
Chi Frappe $3.5
 Bulk Coffee Beans
Espresso $4.95
Dark French $4.95
Viennese $4.95
Dark French Decaf $5.5
Dark French Supreme $4.95

History For Caffee Trieste  

Caffe Trieste is famous throughout the world with its impeccable coffee, infused with the most popular music – straight from the heart! It’s this unique combination and design that has made our coffee houses cozy places for musicians of all sorts. 

A Google search will reveal an overwhelming amount of results which include the Wikipedia page! Our original Caffe located at 601 Vallejo Street (North Beach-San Francisco) was the first espresso-based coffee shop that opened on the West Coast (1956).

“Papa Gianni” Giotta and his family alone were the ones to start the Espresso movement that we now know as it today. 

The Caffe has gained acclaim across the world due to its mix of all the essentials: Old Italy, Bohemian poets, music and art, and great Espresso.

The Caffe has been a comfortable place to rest for actors such as Michael Douglas and a movie set for a variety of features and TV shows (starring Demi Moore and many others) It has also been featured in numerous news stories, articles, and documentaries around the world. 

The walls are covered with photographs of famous people who have been to the Caffe and of the many musical events at which different family members from the Giotta family have taken part. 

The Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert was established in 1971. Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert is the longest-running musical event of its kind in San Francisco, and certainly one of the most popular on the continent of the United States. 

Five Giotta family members Giotta group (Papa Gianni, Mamma Ida, and ***Gianfranco) Sonia Fabio, and ***Gianfranco) Fabio has performed on stage, radio, TV, and in movies since 1953.

They have performed for and with a variety of famous people (Luciano Pavarotti The Drifters, Frankie Laine, Claudio Villa, and Domenico “Volare” Modugno, just to name some) before thousands of national, local, and international audience members. ***Gianfranco Giotta (1944-1999)

 Caffee Trieste Menu With Prices

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Papa Gianni and Marco Vinella Opening day, April 1st 1956

“Old Italy” Written by Andy Kaufman, 1988

Then, in Rovigno and Trieste In Trieste and Rovigno, people still discuss the Giotta family’s successes in America.

A half-century in the past, Giovanni Giotta brought his family to America. They discovered a brand new world where hard work and shrewd choices were still the keys to success. In remembrance of his love for the coffee shops in Trieste the owner, Mr. Giotta, (dubbed “Papa Gianni” in the 1990s early years) determined to introduce their elegant and exceptional coffees to his new location.

Moving to California in the early 1990s, he established Caffe Trieste in San Francisco’s North Beach. An enviable reputation for “…someone of the finest local coffees” was soon to follow.

Giovanni Giotta’s “old world” techniques were essential to getting this name and also the honor of being known as “the Espresso Pioneer of the West Coast.”

If you ask him how he makes this, “No big deal,” Papa Gianni would reply. “Buy the finest beans roast them yourself and then brew each cup as it’s
to you.”

There’s no doubt that technology is involved, but the most user-friendly technology, but that’s what adds to the quality of the coffee “good.” The hands and the heart of Giovanni Giotta make it great.

Naturally, something that is great can’t be kept in a confined space for long. The demand from other coffee shops and restaurants, as with the customers of the Caffe quickly made the need to open an outlet for retail/wholesale and a second coffee shop.

Papa Gianni has much to be proud of. His two kids, Fabio and Sonia are helping to preserve the tradition of excellent coffee production.

A perfect mix of tradition and love has produced a standard of quality that was previously unattainable. For Caffe Trieste Superb coffees, it’s a traditional way to do things that perform.

“Brew each cup as if it’s meant for you.”

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Contact us

Caffe Trieste Inc. – North Beach
601 Vallejo Street
San Francisco, CA  94133


Please email:

Caffee Trieste Superb Coffees – Production Facility

1465 25th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
Mon – Thurs, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Tel: (415) 550-1107
Fax: (415) 550-1239

Coffee/Merchandise Order emails

For information about North Beach location musical events, first please consult our constantly updated Events and Show Schedule and Music pages.  If you still have a question, email

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Annex Retail Store – North Beach

609 Vallejo Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 982-2605

Final Wards  

⇛  Caffee Trieste Menu is a coffee chain that has gained popularity among young people in America. 

But, they’re not just popular because of their delicious iced drinks but also because they offer several intriguing flavors to choose from!

I’ve put together my top 10 favorite drinks from  Caffee Trieste Menu so you know which place to go to when your craving strikes. Do you have a particular flavor on this list that you can’t wait to try?

Caffee Trieste Menu Near Me Location

FAQS For Caffe Trieste

(1) Can I reserve at Caffe’ Tommaseo right now?

Yes, Caffe’ Tommaseo has availability on TheFork currently. Do not hesitate, to reserve your table on TheFork!

(2) Does Caffe’ Tommaseo apply COVID-19 safety measures?

Yes, Caffe’ Tommaseo has been identified as applying COVID-19 safety measures. You can reserve your table safely!

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