Caffee & Gelateria Dante Menu With Prices 2022

Coffee & Gelateria Dante Menu With Prices 2022

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Coffee & Gelateria Dante Menu With Prices 

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Coffee, Teas, and Sweets

Espresso $2.00+
Cappuccino $3.75+
Latte $3.75+
Mocha $3.95
Hot Chocolate $3.95
Macchiato $2.75
Americano $2.75
Iced Tea $2.75
Iced Coffee $2.75



Pellegrino $2.75+
Aqua Panna $2.75+
Laminate $2.75
Orangartica $2.75
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $4.50
Fresh Lemonade $4.25
16 oz. Bottled Soda $2.50
Cranberry Juice $2.50

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