About Us

The Coffee menu is what’s available? How much will it cost? That’s the premise behind the way Menu And Price started. From fast-food eateries to casual chain eateries, menu and price is designed to give you the latest information, at the very least, in terms of – yes, you read that right what’s on the menu and what is it going to cost you.

We cover a wide range of news topics, from the latest fast food products to offers for limited time only and deals. We also write about promotions and giveaways, we write about popular fast food items, and more.

Our team

Our chief writer (and eating) Stuart, is a freelance food critic who has over 15 years of experience creating content about food as well as drinks. Stuart has been awarded numerous times for his food critique as well as his writing. He also manages several websites connected to his passions eating and drinking.

If you have a question about the website, fast food menu items, or indeed anything food and drink related, drop him a line at stuart@coffeemenu.com


Sponsored posts and advertisements

We cost $250 for a paid posting. The article must focus on drinks and food. You may provide the text or we can. This post is marked as sponsored. The post will be distributed on our various social media pages as well as being an element of our RSS feed, which then is distributed to all the subscribers to our email newsletter.


Contacting us

If you’d like to contact us by post, our mailing address is:

PO BOX 522065Salt Lake City

If you require to talk with us by phone you can contact us at (801) 448343. It is best to email us and we most likely will send an answer the same day!